What are some good board games/ card games for parties?



Uno and Sorry can be fun, although they can get competitive Cards against humanity is pretty nsfw if you are young, but it’s hilarious and is pretty fun if you’re teenagers or adults. Apples to apples is somewhat similar and super fun! Mafia (or murder mystery) and games Ike Telestrations or Pictionary have always been some of my favorites. Andddd the game of life or monopoly can be pretty fun too but they take a long time!! Hope I helped (: xx

Weasel McWeasel

I've had rip roaring Trivial Pursuit parties, that Always gets everyone's blood flowing.


Here's all the ones I can remember at the moment: Apples to Apples, especially when you just play chill and not get too caught up on rules. Curses is hilarious, for people that aren't afraid to act goofy. Wits and Wagers is good for people who still like a little strategy to trivia games, as it's about making the best guess, not knowing the trivia. Telestrations is hilarious, even better with people that can't draw. Dixit, Codenames Wolfen, Werewolf, Mafia, there are print and play versions of these games. We had a face card game that we called "Up and Down the River" very similar to Spades, but simplified and can play large groups with more cards. Saboteur is really fun and light, but has some great strategy.


played Codenames for the first time today, it was fun

Pat Camero

Dominos Train. Any card game by Grandpa Beck


Cards against humanity, the game of life, monopoly, uno. Just some of my personal favorites


For parties, games to consider are... * Cards Against Humanity (Mature) -- One game that can work reasonably with with a large group, but everybody needs to have a fairly open mind & don't mine potentially offensive content (hence the mature note). * Secret Hitler (Semi-Mature) / The Resistance -- For 5-10 players, it's an asymmetric game for secret information & competing objectives. Interesting to see who can keep a secret from others. * Tsuro / Tsuro of the Seas -- Up to 8 players, it's a fairly quick-playing game where players lay tiles on the board & travel the path they're on while trying to avoid running into other players OR flying off the board. Tsuro of the Seas adds a few extra elements to make things a little more challenging. * Qwirkle -- Up to 4 players, it's an easy-to-learn domino-style game where play a line of tiles that match by color OR by shape to score points from a pool of 108 titles (3 sets of 6 colors & 6 shapes). Players earn bonus points by completing a line (1 shape of every color OR 1 color of every shape) to get a "qwirkle". * Fluxx (various themes) -- Fluxx is a good "pick up" game as players can freely jump in at any time (just have them grab 3 cards & then comply with the rules). Fluxx is chaotic game where order is EVERYTHING, as players can change the rules & the objective on the fly. You can potentially screw other players if you play your cards in the right order. * Munchkin -- While good for around 4 - 6 players, it's a bit pick-up friendly as well as you're trying to get your character to Lv 10 first WHILE preventing others from reaching it. This isn't an exhaustive list, but I hope this does provide some games to enjoy.


Card games like Wizard, Cover your Assets, Five Crowns, Sequence and Quiddler are fun but it depends on what sort of party it is of course... if people are going to sit down and focus on a game or want one big group game like Pictionary or Mafia


Go Fish, or Crazy 8s.


spin the bottle




I think Monopoly


Trivial pursuit




My family & friends enjoyed Murder Mystery Parties. You can DL a game or buy a CD fairly cheaply. In the game, each person plays a role and has pages of info on his character. There are physical clues and people have fun solving the murder as they drink and snacl


Won't happen but thanks for the imaginary idea