When playing BINGO, does a diagonal count as BINGO?

We play at the local senior club. The last time I was lucky enough to get a diagonal and cried BINGO. The woman across from me looked at my card and said I didn't have BINGO. I showed her the diagonal. She said diagonal doesn't count - only vertical and horizontal lines. I always thought a diagonal line counted.

Weasel McWeasel

It all depends what the caller says the game is.......All 4 borders, X pattern......Z pattern...... all depends what they decide the game is. getting a diagonal when you are playing 4 borders, means nothing.


It varies by venue... but for STRAIGHT BINGO, any straight line of 5 numbers would count as a BINGO. By this definition, diagonals would count. The one venue that I played at also allowed "Four Corners" & the "Postage Stamp" (2x2 square in the top-right corner). Generally, the Caller AND the group running the game has the FINAL SAY on what constitutes as a BINGO... so unless the woman was part of the managing group, I wouldn't take stock in her dispute against your BINGO claim.

Aila Mei

Depends on the person leading the whole game. For me the diagonal does count. As long as a straight line of five is complete, it's bingo.


it is a bingo

Tad Dubious

It counts, but it depends on the game. Always check with the caller, not the person next to you.