How many toon cards are there in Yugioh?

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There is currently a total of 26 Toon cards in the TCG. Monsters (16): Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon Manga Ryu-Ran Red-Eyes Toon Dragon Toon Alligator Toon Ancient Gear Golem Toon Barrel Dragon Toon Buster Blader Toon Cannon Soldier Toon Cyber Dragon Toon Dark Magician Toon Dark Magician Girl Toon Gemini Elf Toon Goblin Attack Force Toon Masked Sorcerer Toon Mermaid Toon Summoned Skull Spells (7): Comic Hand Mimicat Shadow Toon Toon Kingdom Toon Rollback Toon Table of Contents Toon World Traps (3): Toon Briefcase Toon Defense Toon Mask