I recently bought the Breath of the Wild expansion pack card at target. Where is the 16 digit code on the card? Why am I so stupid?



It generally depends on the card itself... As there's typically two types of prepaid cards. The traditional "Silver Back" prepaid card, which as the name suggests, has the prepaid code hidden underneath a silver scratch coating. If the card is damaged, as long as you have proof of purchase, you might be able to recover the code OR get a new one regenerated... but if you lose the card completely, you're out of luck! The modern "Receipt" prepaid card. These are cards that stay in-store as the prepaid code is actually printed on your receipt. This allows the store to only keep a handful of each card as the code is generated at time of purchase, but you don't have a physical card on hand & if you lose the receipt... you're out of luck. Just double-check the card & the receipt here.

Scouts Gone

on the back for one, probably a scratch off one too srry lol. ur confusing me now stop it lmao.


Maybe you have borderline intellectual functioning