Is there such thing as a mistake pokemon card?

Hello, my name is Nataly though it is now 2019, I still play the Pokémon TCG with my girlfriend. We recently went to GameStop to buy cards like we always do. And when we go home, we opened our new decks and got to playing. (We don’t look at the deck, we just shuffle, and play. Try it, it’s fun!) As the game went on it was my turn, I drew a card and I just HAD to stop the game. I said “babe seriously though, I can’t play this card” and she asked “why”. I showered her the card and it was a Basic Skorupi, but when I looked at the said “Hp 7000”! This can’t be right! Did GameStop sell me a fake deck? Is this card a mestake? Or did I get lucky and find something rare? I don’t want to say it’s fake because I worked at a GameStop and we don’t see fake Pokémon products! I’m just confused! Can anyone who knows about Pokémon help?


In pretty much any trading card game you will sometimes find misprints; cards which have been printed with an error. Sometimes these cards can be valuable, but usually aren't worth any more and are just kept for the sake of collecting.

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Dimitrious - aka KC

Yes, back in the original pokemon cards Vulpix had a mistake so the card said 'HP 50' rather than 50 HP.