Do casinos have regular Texas Holdem’?

I’m 20 and live in Illinois. I have a lot going on right now but the weekend off and I want to try my chance at gambling. Are there any casinos out of state that offer regular Texas holdem where I can play against the player and not the dealer? Not looking to drive too far but I heard Oklahoma has some decent casinos for 18+. Just wasn’t seeing any that offer Texas holdem where you play against the player. Any info would be nice... I want to leave tonight and go somewhere to be able to play poker over the weekend. Might sound dumb but it’s a dream of mine to be a professional poker player and I want to test my abilities. Thanks


Any casino with a poker room has Texas Hold'em. In many it's all they have. Hard to find Omaha or any other game sometimes. Not all casinos have poker rooms, of course.

Pascal the Gambler

You never play hold em against the dealer. Most have a poker room.


A lot of casinos have poker rooms. and I have never seen a poker room that does not have Texas Hold'em. Since you asked about Oklahoma here are some casinos that have poker rooms in Oklahoma: You should check the websites for the individual casinos to see if they allow players under 21. Since you live in Illinois, here are some poker rooms in Illinois

Ryan: EDIT

EDIT: I know casinos have Texas Holdem’. I’m specifically looking for one that has player vs player tables. If you know if there are any in Oklahoma, please list the name. Looking to start my drive ASAP!!