If you won 150 million dollars in the Lottery what will you do with the money?



Buy a House. Write a list of things you want to do. A nice car, Holidays, Quit your Job or Start a Buisness. Maybe a Cafe. Save some for old age. Pay back your good mates who were there for you.


Buy a few dozen congressmen and make them do my bidding.


I will donate 100 million dollars and i will keep 50 million dollars for my self.And i think 50 million dollars is so much money for me i,ll donate 30 million dollars too


I understand that, if you make that amount of money, you have to pay taxes on that amount so I wouldn't have much left. So I would look to invest it in some business or project.


Buy a better laptop.


Immediately have the federal and my state's governments confiscate about 45% for income tax. With what's left over, I would use a significant portion - maybe $50 million - to create an educational trust that awards scholarships to members of my family for, probably, perpetuity, as long as the trustees that are appointed after the trustee I appoint is no longer around are wise and efficient in investing the money. With the the $30 million or so left over, I would buy a second home for the winter months, do a little more traveling and help the family members who do things the right way that could use a little help. I won't give anything of serious value to those with a documented history of squandering money. I might set up individual trusts for family members, but that would still leave a good chunk that would go to the charities of my choice when I'm gone. I would set things up so that my estate would be as small as possible and as free as possible from additional taxes.


Invest it and live off the proceeds. That way you are making a income and not just spending it. It won’t last long doing it otherwise. I would personally invest it in something like realty mogoul, or fund rise. It can get you around 5 percent of it. So if you invest 1,000,000 you should get around a million a year profit off it and so on. Do your research and be sure it’s right for you. I would want to buy the best house I could get. I want somewhere safe, private, and has a nice backyard for entertaining if I ever decide too. That’s like the most important thing then after that just try to make more profit off it and invest as much as I can to various charities. Like food for the homeless/shelter, churches and things like that.