If you won the lottery what will you do with the money?



Damn man gOOd question, yo! I might get on a plane & get the hell away from this stupid, wicked AS$ country of U.S. & A.!! I go to Canada to live!


Buy a house. I hate living in an apartment!


Buy my grandmas old house then rent it out for thousands a night


Buy chocolate


Buy me 20g of Nembutal and peacefully end it all.


Buy a small house in the country, buy a small auto, and do lots more writing.


Buy a house in folding cash. Invest the rest very conservatively and live off the interest. I wouldn't quit my job right away because part of my inner gag reel would be to go to work having more money than the CEO of the company without being him. Then when I get bored I'll quit and travel the world and pick up a lot of useless hobbies and then drop them when I get bored of them.


Buy some beer