Is there a point to filling in the same numbers in different grids on 1 lottery ticket?

I played the lottery for the first time and I want to use the same combination every time the lottery is run. But I think I made a beginner's mistake by filling the same combination 4 times on the same form to "increase my chances". As soon as I left the shop I realised that there is no point to that. Right? If I am going to play with the same numbers forever, I can only fill it in once every lottery, right?


Well...if you hit a few numbers for a $1,000 prize... then I suppose you'd win it 4 times, for $4,000. And if you actually hit the jackpot, but so does someone else, you'll get 4/5 of it, since you have 4 of 5 winning tickets. But generally, that seems like a worthless idea. The order doesn't matter.