Is video poker or slot machine random?

In video poker for instance the cycle for a 4 of a kind is one in 411.7 hands. The concept goes that every hand is the same it's random but if that's the cycle how is this so? I'm not sure if past results from others effect you or your previous events only effect you let me explain. I have a computer program that can sim hands I do 411 and quads occur sometimes,sometimes not,heck I do 1000 and sometimes nothing usually the standard 3 for the cycle. The thing is the more hands you play the more the cycle holds true so if it's a cycle in itself how is this random? play 9000 hands all of the sudden within that spectrum it's consistent to where it should be never of kilter. The 22 4 of a kinds so happen apart but never so much to where it seems random. I never see 3000 hands blank and the last 600 hands 12. The cycle levels off with consistency how can this be if each even is supposed to be independent?


There is no cycle on video poker or slot machines. There are probabilities, or odds, on future plays.Past plays have no impact on the odds for future plays. It is true that the plays in the future the more likely the results will be closer to the odds, but there are no guarantees. It is perfectly possible to play video poker 9,000 times and never have a single four ok a kind, but it is unlikely. However, if you play 9,000 times often enough it is inevitable that sometimes you will never get a single four of a kind in the 9,000 plays, however you are likely to have to play 9,000 times millions of times (for a total of tens of billions of hands) before you are likely to see it.