Should you raise the bet when your slot machine is on a winning streak winning almost every spin?



The only "should" that applies to slot machines is that if you play them long enough you should expect to lose money. I normally play the maximum on slot machines so I can not raise my bet. If you raise your bet you risk losing everything you have won more quickly. If you are gambling and winning money I generally would recommend not changing anything until you stop winning,


Let the stake ride. Nobody said you're a genius.


No. There is no such thing as a streak, every spin is an isolated event and doesn't change the next spin.


Heck yeah

Jeffrey K

Previous results do not influence future results.


No you should not.


No. Only if you want to go broke.

Jerry S

no way.


That's why they call it a gamble. You have the same odds of winning the next time as you did the last. The odds don't change.


no hell no