How can I may my hobbies enjoyable again?

It mainly pertains to trading card games. I got back into them because thought this could be a more social and enjoyable hobby. I could get out of the house and have fun. I started looking online for tips and deck building ideas to see what I could make and it was fun. But now when I online at the upcoming products, I just feel an overwhelming sense of dread and sorrow for no real reason. Or is this some form of depression? I want to enjoy it and keep playing with the friends I made.


The hell is it with all these spam answers?! Well my friend, I think that sometimes, to see things in a different, more objective light, the best strategy is to stop thinking about them for a while and then go over it again after a few days. Maybe you feel overwhelmed because you've been looking it up too much? Give it a few days break, then see how you feel when you look those up again. Hope this works!

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We grow out of things. Doing the same thing for ever is boring. We need to do something new as we mature. Move on.