How to find out what a penny is worth?

I saw on antique show a penny that sold for a lot of money that was 1943. I found a penny that said 1930. what is it worth?


The valuable 1943 cent was one of the few that were struck in bronze, using blanks that were left in the coin hoppers at the end of the 1942 production. 1943 were struck in zinc-coated steel. No such thing happened with almost every other year, including 1930. No coin from 1930 will ever be worth what a 1943 bronze cent is worth, or a 1944 steel, where the same thing happened. 1944 returned to bronze and at the start of the year, there were few steel blanks that were struck as 1944 and escaped unnoticed into circulation. The value of yours depends on the condition and if there is a mint mark under the date, but if it is well-worn, it's worth under a dollar. That's still not bad for a penny. It just won't make you wealthy.


That depends on its condition. Send a picture.

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When it comes to coins, the value depends greatly on its condition. An uncirculated coin is worth far more than a well worn, scratched example.


That was probably the bronze 1943 penny in which only a few were made before the mistake was caught. Unless your 1930 penny has something unique about it, it’s probably not worth much.


If it looks new, several hundred.


You try a coin dealer


Im a penny Expert pennies thats worth money are 1992 close am 1992 d close am 1943 chopper penny 1944 steel penny 1955 double die 1969 double die 1983 chopper penny 1982 small date chopper 1999 wide am


Most wheat pennies are not worth much but there are exceptions. Get values here:


A 1930 penny? That could be worth up to $350,000. You should get that appraised right now!


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There are books that list coins and their values. Coin dealers have these books and could look it up for you, or you might find one at the public library. These are only guides though. If you put a rare coin up for auction, there might be someone who needs it to complete a collection of 1930 pennies, who will pay a lot more than it's worth. Conversely, it might be that nobody who comes to the auction that day is interested in a 1930 penny. The 1943 penny, I'm guessing it was a steel penny. During the war there was a shortage of copper so for a couple of years pennies were made of steel. When I was a kid, in the 1950s, we still saw one of these pennies sometimes. There was one year where very few steel pennies were made, and their scarcity has dramatically increased their price on the collector's market. A 1930 penny, while older, and still pretty rare, would be worth much less.