Is it possible to use a hot glue gun to attach little pieces of paper to a t shirt?



I would not use paper.I would use pieces of fabric attached with fabric glue and then ironed.


Not if you're wearing the glue-heated Tee


You can if you're not planning on washing it. The hot glue would eventually dissolve in water. If you want to wash the t shirt then you should use fabric glue.


It would eventually depart. But for a temporary hold you are a okay

NONAME long as it never gets washed

Diane B.

Yes, definitely, but it wouldn't be easy to remove *all traces* of glue from the shirt later if you wanted to. They'll stick best if the glue can get down in and around the weave if using fabric, so apply to paper or fabric then press the paper down to drive the liquid hot glue down into the weave (perhaps put something like aluminum foil or plastic wrap on the back side of the fabric to keep any glue that goes all the way through the fabric from getting onto anything else). If you wanted to remove the glue later, cold hot-glue will peel off if it *hadn't* gotten down into the weave very much, particularly on fuzzy fabrics (like t shirts).