NEED A GOOD LAUGH! Share your Moments!?

What are some greatest unforgettable embarrassing moments you guys have been through? Share them!


When I was young I walked off stage during a choir concert because I thought my director had given me the cue, but she hadn't. She had to walk off to bring me back on stage. Pretty embarrassing.


Had the trots where I had exhausted my tissue supply. My only other paper was a thick wad of foreign currency. Which I used until dawn and we were collected by olive drab jeeps. I was down to two bills worth 40 Dong. Our enemy was certainly welcomed to accept my deposit.


Well, that time. I dropped my BRAND NEW! VR SYSTEM! Including a headset 2 controllers. It made my COMPUTER FALL! Totally breaking that dam 2000 dollar rig!


Ok it's a bit dirty mind so I fell in the mud I was spotted defecating in the woods by a member of society...nature calls!