I have an AK-47 from 1991. Is it still functional?


Big One 0909

You should probably give it a good cleaning before you try it, but if it was working befor, It likely still is. My dad brought a Japanese 7mm bolt action rifle home from WWII and in the early seventies, I took it and shot it a couple times. Even the Ammo was still good.


How on earth would we know that? I have a Soviet Mosin–Nagant from the 1930's that's still functional but without actually handling the gun, taking it apart, and doing basic function testing on it there's no way to know if it is still functional.

Atheist Dude

Check go to a gun range.


How the heck should we know? =)

Spirit of All

Test it on a deer or cat

Mario Antero

Suggest you clean it up and take it out for a test fire, you might need it if these Soviet Democrats and AOC sandinasta's try to overthrow the government and turn the USA into a communist state.