I’m 12 years old old a friend said I’m too old to sleep with american girl doll what should I do she is come this weekend?



You are, in fact, a bit old to be sleeping with a doll or stuffed animal, but you can do what you like. If you're embarrassed to sleep with the doll in front of your friend, just put the doll away while she's there. I know it might be hard to fall asleep, but it might be good practice for the time when you really will have to stop sleeping with the doll. A 12-year-old is too young to be on this site.

Australian Sniper

Why is a 12 year old on Yahoo answers? Either way, do what you want. If your more comfortable sleeping with your doll, then do it. Your friend is a guest, not a master.


Put the stupid doll away while she's there.


It does not metter its up to you if you like it you can do it *** much you want that won't change nothing !! its soemthing you enjoy you wont gro up because you wont use you will only change your whay of thinking!!!


you're not too old, enjoy your youth and be careful on this site, its a bit much for a 12 year old