Trying to find lost childhood toy online, help?

Okay, so, I recently lost a favorite childhood toy of mine. It was accidentally thrown away while moving. I ve been torn, and trying to search for it online, but haven t been able to. I need people to help search, so I decided to come here. I ll give a description of the toy by memory. It was a dog plush, it s face was blue, with a hard black nose and hard yellow eyes with black pupils. The inside of it s ears were white, and the back of the ears were two different colors. One was red with white spots/lines, and the other was blue with the same lines. The back of it s head, chest, and stomach were a weird purple color with little pink mixed in. It s back was also purple, but with a black leopard design to it. It s arms/front legs were red with white stripes. It s hind legs were blue with white stripes and it was in a sitting position. I believe it s front paws were blue, and it s back ones red. It may be the other way around, I can t remember. And finally, is mouth was in a upside down V line. Can anyone find the plush I m looking for with this detailed description??

Gilgamesh King of Uruk

i know how that feels, i lost the last piece of my favorite childhood blanket a few years back...


How big was it?


Darn I don't remember having that