Where to buy a mini light with a switch?

So, I need a tiny light with a wired connection to an on/off switch. Think of how your lamp on your night stand works, but tiny. We are helping adding red and green lights to a science fair project for the little one, but can t seem to find a small light bulb attached to a on/off switch. Can anyone help? I looked on eBay and amazing but didn t find anything like I needed. As kids, we d take apart old toys that had lights on them and use that. Sadly, we have no old toys that have the tiny lights with switches. Can anyone help find these online? We used to have a local store that sold odd and hard to find electronic parts. They d surely have this...but they went out of business last year... Thanks!


Try looking in dollar stores. I know dollar tree sells them.I do not know if you will find them in red or green now since they are Christmas colors but I would look in thier holiday section first.If you can't find them then ask someone and if you still can't find then talk to the manager and see if they can order it for you.

patrick: Try this https

Try this https://amzn.to/2HIxp1i