Do you still play skyrim?

Modded or vanilla...


Yes, and I don't think Skyrim is going to die any time soon... (I only play vanilla).


Yes, playing the actual game story-line but with quite some mods if that's what you are asking. Mods I use are either cosmetic ones or new companions


I do but I role play with mods etc. I can't really just play it anymore without mods because it gets boring. But mods make it amazing.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Nope. I am not a fan of that type of setting and story. Just give me a decent shooter, horror, thriller, puzzle solving game, or game of any genre that has a plot that actually interests me (God of War for example)

Andrew Clements

Yes, I still play it...And both with and without mods. Right now I'm playing a Skyrim mod called 'Enderal'. It's really a game of its own, but uses the Skyrim engine.


vanilla ice cream what huh where???

pierro a

Um no i own it on many console i actually only finished it on ps3 or 360 i own pc one ps4 but i only played bit on it its funny when u play a game on older console and remaster to next Gen u dont really want to play it as much. Exception of RE 2 remake


No I do not


Yes I do, vanilla. It still amazes me how good Skyrim is after all this time and several playthroughs.