Do you use PSVR at all? If you do play PSVR, could ya help me out with a question I have?

PSVR is the PlayStation VR on the PS4. So, we eventually got Skyrim VR, and when I would play it, and walk around in the world, it felt like something was pulling in my head as I was walking around. I haven't played that game since 2017, and tonight I just played it. When I was walking around in Skyrim VR, I didn't have that same feeling as I did first time I played. Is this good, or bad? I want to feel like I'm there, but the experience feels different now. As if I'm not there, but it felt like I was there before, when I first started playing on the VR. Do you think I've just gotten used to playing it? Again, I haven't played the PSVR in roughly a year and a half. Once in a while I would get that feeling, but then it would go away quick. What have been your personal experiences with PSVR? And I don't get motion sickness, or anything like that. I have a fear of heights which sometimes does factor in to the PSVR if I'm in a game and up high, or in space, I feel like I'm gonna fall. Any feedback you can help me out with is appreciated, thank you.


bought it, havent used it much