I should return the game to gamestop right?

so today me and my mom went to gamestop and i got to the new kingdom hearts 3 game. then later on when i got home i read the back of the game and it says warning photosensitive seizures and now i am a little worried so i should bring it back to gamestop and return it right


All games and systems have that warning on them. The games have it on the label, the systems show the warning during the start up.


All games have that warning on and have done for years.


All games have that so don’t be scared. It’s just a precaution if anymore is prone to seizures.


Many games typically have photosensitivity cautions as standard legal boilerplate FOR DECADES & only highlight stuff as they deem necessary. I actually went through my collection & found at least a "Motion Sickness" caution in the manual of Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (N64) from 1996. I have a COMPLETE PRECAUTION BOOKLET (which includes photosensitivity, motion sickness, screen burn-in & practically everything else the lawyers wanted to notify users) with my copy of Super Monkey Ball (GCN) from 2001. Since game manuals are now a relic of the past, as no modern game systems provide a physical copy & digital copies have disappeared in favor of in-game tutorials. For Nintendo (as it's the company I'm more familiar with), they started providing digital manuals on the Wii for Wiiware (as something digitally accessible online via the Wii Shop channel) & Virtual Console (complete pack-in). They stopped providing physical manuals in favor of digital with the Wii U & 3DS (only offering a "crib sheet" for controls) & stopped providing manuals completely with the Switch (in favor of in-game tutorials). Microsoft & Sony have practically followed suit in similar fashion, leaving it up to the developers & publishers to make the call. AS A RESULT (TL;DR), I wouldn't be worried about that warning. They're just legally covering their butt as a precaution against the VAST MINORITY (as less than 1% of the average gaming population will be affected). If you're STILL uncomfortable about playing the game & that the game is still FACTORY SEALED, you may return the game to the point of purchase within the store's return policy (GameStop has a 7-day return policy. Walmart & other department stores typically provide a 15-day return policy) for a full refund. If the game is unsealed (no longer wrapped), you will only be able to perform a "like for like" exchange (you can get another copy of the EXACT SAME GAME, but it would practically be in the same condition you exchanged it). Please check the store's return policy for the exact details.