Is escaty toxic ? Never had it before I’m 16 ?


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Quite often yes. Because what you're thinking about ingesting isn't what is being advertised. It is whatever the drug dealer had handy. He just is selling it as ecstasy, because the mark up is so high. It might be heroin, coke, meth, pcp, or something stronger. MDMA is difficult to produce and far more expensive. Now it is a lot harder to sell those drugs to kids like you, but it is pretty easy to sell you Ecstasy.


I assume you mean Ecstasy, which is a neurotoxin. Prolonged use could be harmful, especially for teenagers because their brains are still developing.


It can be toxic, but it's not always toxic,.


Yes. It is toxic. Don't take any more than the therapeutic dosages. LD50 is only about ten times the initial therapeutic dose.


No, but you have no way of knowing that what you're getting and taking is actually ecstasy. You're getting it from some guy who got it from some other guy who got it from some other guy and it could be God knows what. Kids have died taking what they'd been told was ecstasy but instead was something else, something that was supposed to mimic ecstasy that came from God knows where, usually either China or some concoction somebody who never even took chemistry in high school tried to make in their trailer. Ecstasy itself is MDMA. It used to be a prescribed medicine that was prescribed by doctors providing psychiatric care. Its abuse led to it ultimately becoming outlawed in the US even by prescription. Real MDMA can be had from the Netherlands, where it's produced and sold legally, but unless you somehow know for certain who you're getting it from went over to the Netherlands to get it, you have no way of knowing what you're getting is the really MDMA.