Why was the Nintendo 64 the Xbox of the 1990s, and now Nintendo never does make a game console like that anymore?

Back in the 1990s Nintendo 64 was like the Xbox today. Now it is totally gone. Why

steve p

It's not totally gone. Theres the Nintendo Switch. In my opinion where Nintendo went wrong was with the Wii. They went from making great game consoles and then brought out the Wii which I saw as being focused on young kids or something that people can play as a "family" activity. They lost the "gamers" edge off the market. Even now the Nintendo Switch is aimed at playing it with friends or family. But I guess they're still making millions from it, so good luck to them but I'll stick to Sony and Microsoft.


They jumped the ship from pursuing power for their consoles since the Wii era, and trying to cater the casual gamers by focusing on "gimmicks". The reason? Money. During that time, the Wii was a huge success, and was making lots of money for Nintendo. That's because Wii was cheaper & more appealing for kids. They're hoping to repeat the same success again with the Wii U, but it failed horribly to 3 things: 1. The casuals has jumped to mobile gaming 2. The core gamers has already chose the PS4/, which was much more powerful 3. Bad marketing With the Switch, Nintendo try to aiming the best of all worlds, which is casuals & core gamers. But from the last annual report, they're currently on a limbo due to the total domination of mobile, and the core gamers weren't too hot for Switch. So starting 2019, they changed their strategy, and once again trying to cater the core gamers once again with things like "Premium" Ninteno Online Service, more games, and a Switch "Pro" model.

Kaiser Wilhelm

I think Nintendo's goal with the Switch is to focus on a portable console. Why be limited to playing at home when you can turn it into a portable console. They figured it would be a success since the handheld devices were. Do I think Nintendo is ultimately going to bite the dust, yes. They were better off with the Wii U since they began dropping their policies regarding content that defied their family friendly ways and had a bigger variety of franchises. Plus they already had a headstart for what could have benefited them in the virtual reality market. All they needed was a headset to pair up with their motion controllers.