Can you snort pure essential oils to treat depression?

Not to get high, but to immediately calm the feelings of severe depression? I feel so depressed, I don't have the energy to do anything. Deep breathing and exercising doesn't work for me. I just wonder if deeply breathing (practically snorting) something strong like lavender or lemon essential oil would be helpful and safe to do? I refuse to take medications and want to try something as natural as possible that will be just as effective if not better than anti-depressants.


Buy a diffuser, don't snort the stuff.... that's not healthy You might use some Guided Meditations for Depression (YouTube) at night when you go to bed. I use my phone, put my ear buds in, get comfortable and listen. I often fall to sleep but the subconscious mind sill hears the messages in the meditations. (I like Jason Stephenson's meditations personally)


No. Would probably be an ideal way to end up in the emergency room. And, it WILL NOT heal depression.


No ,No ,No . It will burn threw your nose and you may even end up with an infection in the brain.Don't use EO's until you have studied it. Take a class. Read a book and learn the safety rules and how powerful EO's are. The crap you bought at the drug store isn't any where near clean. Who distilled it ? When ? For serious depression you Medication and therapy.You can inhale some eo's or diffuse them but nothing touching your skin.


no you can't as that won't help your depression


No. Some essential oils, like lavender, used in a diffuser can be somewhat calming if you're feeling anxious, but they won't relieve depression, and their effect on anxiety isn't substantial. And snorting oils could do great damage to your lungs! Don't even think about it!!! I don't know where you got the idea that deeply breathing and exercising can relieve depression. Deep breathing can sometimes help with anxiety, and exercise can assist with, though not cure, depression, but if you are suffering from clinical depression (and it sounds as though you are), you need to see a therapist and consider medication. Essential oils are NOT just as effective as medication, not even close.

Jerry S


Nine Lives

immediately change is difficult. There would be several things to do - and you should follow my advice. Detox your body from chemicals and heavy metals; rise your vitamin D level up to 90; repair your gut with GAPS diet. So some sport or work in the sun.


No. Would probably be an ideal way to end up in the emergency room. And, it WILL NOT heal depression.

k w

sounds like a fast way to get a sell all kinds of remedies, just read the reviews of others who have used, or seek out a Holistic healthcare provider near you .and use YELP to help you find one......

Lord Bacon

You say you want a natural solution but you are still going for quick fix by introducing an external substance to your body. Lavender oil or other essential oils will not tackle the problem that is in your head. If you have a problem that exists only in your head, isn't the solution to take control of your head and to tackle whatever is causing the problem? Essential oils, jade beads or fortune cookies will change nothing. Even taking conventional medications would not SOLVE the problem. The idea is that they buy you breathing space in which you have time to tackle the real underlying problems or to move on so you are in a better situation and don't get so depressed. There is no magic solution. Every solution involves you making the effort, not just looking for a quick fix. The solutions are probably practical. It could be as simple as keeping busy so you don't give yourself time to get depressed or it could involve forcing yourself to do some activity to break the cycle of depression, even if you don't feel like it. It might involve you identifying what triggers your depression and changing your life so as to avoid that trigger. We are not powerless, but we have to be willing to make the effort to get our head straight and not delude ourselves by thinking snorting something will do the job for us. Been there, done that and came out the other side (mostly). So can you.