If your blood test shows that you don't have gout then does that mean you really do not have it?

I've heard of people saying their blood test is normal for many things but they later discovered that they had a bunch of problems, like for example, their thyroid was normal on a thyroid test but later had to get thyroid surgery or ended up actually having it show up in a scan. So if your blood test shows you don't have gout and appeared normal for all those blood tests, does this mean that you do not have it for sure and it would not appear in any other test? My blood tests did not show that I had it.

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there are do-it-yourself options out there, I had gout, never took a blood test to verify it, then I found out, that apple-cider-vinegar helps it as well, but it sounds like you really need a dietary makeover....and probably don't like that idea, denial is rampant in america.....[ earthclinic dot com ] is a great site will all kinds of tips to heal.


It does, as the test shows whether you Uratic acid in your system or not.


Tart cherry juice from the health food store is great for gout, even if you think you do. Once you are on gout med you are on it for life. And there is a bunch of restrictions. Like turkey, beer, asparagus, deli meat are a few things off the diet. Cut back on chicken and forget pork products as well. Anything high in uric acid is off limits. Uric acid is known to cause gout and kidney stones.


Not necessarily. My Uncle's test showed he was clear of it. Three weeks later he was dead.