Is "Chickweed" a natural herb that many call a type of broad leaf "Weed" in the USA? why ?

is it very common to see growing in the spring time in many people's lawns? why, how it is considered both a "Weed" to get rid of in a lawn, but also an herb, what are its medicinal properties? how long known about? BTW, WHAT ARE SOME OTHER EXAMPLES OF THIS ? "WEEDS" THAT MOST PEOPLE DONT KNOW HAVE MEDICINAL PROPERTIES? WHY PEOPLE WANT TO GET RID OF THEM FROM THEIR LAWN AND GARDENS?


A weed is only a plant that you don't want where it is. Some people don't mind chickweed in their lawns because its presence reduces insect damage to other plants. You can use the leaves raw in salads and sandwiches, or chuck 'em into stews or soups.


There are only 2 types of "weed" in the USA. 1. Marijuana "weed" 2. Tall overgrown grass (like if someone never mows their lawn for a few years, it becomes weeds).


Smoking chickweed will make you very sick. Don’t try it.