Is hydrogen peroxide used in alternative medicine. In a number of soviet medical articles it was described as cure-all?

Due to the properties of atomic oxygen to eliminate free radicals Those articles mentioned even injecting it to astronauts

Nine Lives

Yes. Russian doctors use it for many purposes - they know about the dosage and how to apply. Your update 2: right, I heard about this, too. Don't forget vitamin D3 in high doses and iodine cure recommended by Dr. Brownstein.


Hydrogen peroxide should only be used externally, but I do not use it at all. I use tea tree oil which also replaces external antibiotics.


High levels of hydrogen peroxide can cause large amounts of gas in the stomach, and these sudden releases of large amounts of gas can cause the stomach to overstretch, sometimes rupture, and more often the gas will enter the arteries and veins. Once the concentration of air bubbles in the blood rises to a certain level, blood vessels can clog and form blood clots, and the most common type of blood clot damage is the stroke. There is no medical evidence to suggest that ingesting hydrogen peroxide contributes to health.


I use it in my mouth before I brush.

Jimmy C

I use it as a mouthwash to whiten my teeth. I would not swallow it though.


I don't really know, but i cleaned my shower with hydrogen peroxide this morning. It works great.


It has some good household uses, but is NOT a cure all, by any means.


Hydrogen peroxide is great for sterilizing wounds and medical equipment. That's not really alternative medicine. I have never heard of taking it internally. It would never survive in the stomach.

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NOT the STORE has crap in it to make you sick....IT MAY or it may not help your condition.....but you buy FOOD GRADE then dilute it to fit your needs....I think apple-cider-vinegar is the real cure all, Hippocrates said that as is MMS or CDS version of MMS....AND so is dmso, sore muscles-sprains, all kinds of uses BUT you need to get familiar with what it can do and when to use it what kind and strength, it has not been idiot proofed, so be careful..AND Bioplasma@ the max rate on label for 2weeks can add a subtle difference to your body...don't take more, the max rate to take is listed, the body can only absorb so much and so fast, but it's awesome, and so is learning how to heal yourself......