Is taking over the counter cold medicine like this safe for me to take?

I took the liquid day medicine 4 times during the day and the liquid might medicine for colds once. I did that for 2-3days because I felt pretty sick. For the day time it says take it very 4 hours and don’t take it more than 4 times in 24 hrs. For the night medicine, It says take it once very 6 hours. So I took the day medicine 4 times during the day and night medicine once.


when I have a cold I wear a LOT of clothes to bed and have a lot of blankets. this makes u hot and helps shorten the cold


That's a lot of medication to take. You probably didn't need to take so much during the day and may not have needed the night medication either.


As long as you don't exceed the recommended levels, you'll be fine.