List every single drug you've ever tried in your life?

or as many as you can I'll go first: caffeine, painkillers (ibuprofen, etc.) marijuana, ecstasy, LSD, molly, coke, suboxone, ketamine, kolonapin, adderall, DMT, alcohol, nicotine, vyvanse pretty much everything except heroin, crack, meth, fetanyl xanax too


willingly? marijuana edibles for pain management (didn't work, gave me night mares and hallucinations) alcohol(got tipsy a few times) cigarettes and thats it. Everything else was prescribed for before, during or after surgeries, medical procedures or pain management. FYI I don't do well on anything that is psychotropic. I generally have the same reaction I did with the edible I tried.


I always believed that marijuana was safe to try but not anything stronger. although I think my brain was damaged by marijuana even though I only used it a couple of times


Paracetamol augmentin aspirin. The only medication I liked was paracetamol, but prefer vitamins.


If it was not prescribed, I didn't take it.


No I don't want to list them. This is not a question, its bragging.