Why do many think that Honey is a good topical ointment for healing ? also, how compares to Turmeric?

why do people make fun of natural home remedies for stuff? are they totally useless? or just take more time to work? have heard lemon juice as well as Apple cider vinegar as well as other herbs like chick weed powder, etc are good, but for what? how depends?


It was used in ancient times. It isn't as good as modern medicine but is better than no treatment at all.


In SOME situations PURE honey is an excellent topical treatment. If there is ANY adulteration with other sypar syrups, commonly high fructose corn syrup, then it should NEVER be used topically. Pure honey is naturally antimicrobial. Adulterated honey is the perfect environment for microbes to breed.


Western medicine and medical techniques have trained us to look at "home remedies" as next to useless. However, those remedies sustained us for generations before the drug companies took over medicine and medical treatments.

Donnie Porko

Honey is an antiseptic. Microbes can’t grow in honey so honey doesn’t spoil. If you apply honey to a would, it would ward off an infection.


just because thats how it is