Why don't my friends realise weed flavours is just vape liquid added to the weed and it's really bad for you?

My friend actually payed 35 for 1 gram of flavours weed saying it's the best weed in the world and it's literally vaporizer liquid put onto the dry buds then dried out again.. he said why is it stronger than normal weed so I told him it's a chemical process in the vape liquid that binds thc to the vape oil and he didn't believe me... and now all my friends are calling me dumb even tho I've been with people making flavour weed and it's literally the cheapest weed they can find + vape oil... Why tf are my friends so dumb


Maybe it doesnt maybe they dont care at this point. Everything we do we eat we drink pretty much is bad for us. Just pray over it and keep moving.


Well weed flavors aren’t usually flavors as they are actually just names of the type of strain, flavors are usually based on what kind of high you get also if it is just buds they bought and then it was added to vape juice it’s not that good. They need to be decarbed first and you don’t use vape juice for those you need to use cooking oil or ethanol. Using vape juice will probably ruin the weed also who knows what it does to your body.