For any dentists or people who’s had this experience (will award best answer)?

So apparently I have flared teeth and a slight overbite and I have a choice to get braces with or without pulling teeth. If I dont pull out teeth my teeth will get more flared. I have to pull two bottom teeth that are in front of the big long ones( sorry for the bad explanation😭) do you think that this is the right thing to do? For some reason my mom thinks that the orthodontist is trying to scam us into giving them more money but that doesn’t really make any sense


If possible, I would get a second opinion from another orthodontist. Many will do this at no charge to you. Without actually seeing your teeth and x-rays, no one can tell you what would be best. Years ago it was common to extract teeth before getting braces. That may still be needed in your case. But there have also been improvements and new technologies that can sometimes eliminate the need for pulling teeth.