Help! Dental Abscess?

I think I misdiagnosed a dental abscess as a sinus infection and I think I’ve been on the wrong antibiotic. I’m currently on levofloxacin. I’ve heard all the horror stories of tooth infections killing people and now I’m very scared. I’ve had the jaw, ear, and neck pain for about 3 weeks now and I can’t see my dentist until they open Monday (2 days from now) and I’m scared. My sinuses were fine when my doctor checked. Should I call and make an emergency appointment for a root canal?

A Hunch

You don't need to make an emergency appt for a root canal. Yes, dental emergencies can kill people. It happened to a co-worker (indirectly). - he was afraid of the dentist. He became delusional from the high fever from the infection. Was driving his car and ended up dying in a car accident. If also happened to a truck driver a few years ago - he was just stupid. He was from Calif driving to NY. His tooth hurt when he left CA. He saw a dentist in Oklahoma and got antibiotics. He made it to NY. But his brother ending up driving out to pick him up instead of him driving home. When they got to UT the brother knew it was bad and FINALLY took him to the hospital... You aren't stupid enough to be either of this. If you develop a fever before Monday - head to urgent care... As long as you done wait once it starts to get worse, you will be fine.


Not on the weekend ...just wait for MONDAY and hope you don't kill over