How can I eat this candy without effecting my teeth too much?

if its impossible, just say impossible. but i bought this bag of valentines gummy bears from da 99 cent store, i already ate a few, but i dont wanna risk losong another teeth cuz i lost 2 upper front teeth last year (so i plan to get dental insurance wen i can) and i have toothacjes sometimes, but i havent eaten any candy or drunk any spda in 3 months. this my forst candy sincw where anyway i can becareful eating this gummy candy. i only bougjt it cuZ i like valentines day


If you really want to just brush your teeth, both before and after. That way you've got less germs and then you brush it and the sugar away. It's not actually that much trouble. I don't do it myself but it should work. But the definite answer would be impossible because you would also consume the sugar.


Don't eat it candy was invented to poison the body and minds of poor children who then end up with dangerous metals in their mouth


Don’t chew it just swallow it