How often do uninsured parents usually take their kids to the dentist?

I didn’t go at all after age 8 until I was 18 and had insurance through school. My sister didn’t go at all until she was 18 for the same reason. My parents themselves went occasionally for root canals or extractions.

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dunno, but someone should tell them that root canals are unhealthy.....a Holistic dentist is far healthier but fairly expensive......I'll never go back to dial-up


The kids have rotten teeth.


I would guess that you would be typical. I know that our school system in the younger years, brought a dentist in once a year for a free check or something. Not sure, I had to send a form in from my kids dentist telling the school, they were good. I went every 8 months as a kid, but we had insurance of some sort. Long time ago. My kids have gone every six moths from the time the dentist told us they were ready. Prior to that when little, they would come with me, sometime sit in my lap as the dentist did their thing, get them used t it and all.