Jaw pain for a few weeks on side where two back molars were pulled years ago. Anyone?

else have this or know what I can do? I do not want dental implants.


You don't need implants. See a dentist as another tooth on that side could be infected.


Dental hygienist was getting me numb for the dentist and she hit a critical nerve going down my chin to my upper neck and the pain was so bad I cried (I'm a grown old female warrior) I DO KNOW PAIN. I'VE BEEN TO HELL AND BACK SEVERAL TIMES FOR A YEAR NOW. MY LOWER RIGHT JAW IS REALLY MESSED UP. I WENT TO A ORAL SURGEON WHO TOOK OUT BONE FRAGMENTS FROM WHEN I WAS GETTING A TOOTH EXTRACTED FROM MY DENTIST. I WAS ON ANTIBIOTICS FOR MONTHS. NO ONE IS GOING TO FORCE YOU TO GET IMPLANTS. I WISH YOU WELL.