My gum hurts when food get stuck in between my teeth?

all of the sudden. My back molar hurt only after I eat. I flossed, brushed my teeth 2-3 times a day and still feel like there’s something in there. It wasn’t like this before. What could it be? My gum seems swallon. My appointment isn’t until the 13th.


probably a bit of food stuck under the gum line and is starting to fester apply pressure using a finger to the gum below the gum line to see if you can exercise what ever it is out of the gum you can always get an emergergency appointment to just treat that problem

Beverly S

Sounds like something stuck.. try gargling with warm salt water.. or use a water pic.


Hey there So sorry about your state. I've been in your shoes many times and I'll advice you to make use of a sewing thread. Cut a small piece of the thread and hold on to both sides of the thread. Now floss it between your molars. I hope it helped?