Nasty liquid sqwuirting out of my holes where my wisdom teeth have been removed. I do not know what to do.?

I have problems with this nasty liquid that squirts out of my holes also. It causes me to have to constantly be spitting into a container. It is so bad it causes me to throw up or gag every time it happens. My wisdom teeth just have been removed from my jaw bone seven days ago and this has been happening so often I can not go a month or even another week like this. It may sound like it has been exaggerated but trust me, I am not. It gets in my saliva and is absolutely nasty. When they removed my teeth they dislocated my jaw and went through the skin on my cheek. I do not know if that is why or not but I need to know how I can stop this ASAP!

Ghost Of Christmas Past

You have an infected dry socket. See your dentist - or if you don't trust them see another emergency dentist. In the mean time, keep flushing your mouth with warm salty water.