Need help dentist?

To make long story short I chewed on a almond and felt a pain last night went today to the dentist they did x rats I cracked / broke a piece of my tooth in between 2 teeth but did not crack all the way through the enamel , it’s a surface break I asked my destist as I can’t afford a root canal right now due to having a cavity in the area aswell , how long would it take to get a major infection being that the surface was only cracked and the inside remains in tact. ? Should I be worried I’ll develope a infection and die as it spreads to my brain ? How long do infections take to form if the tooth is in tact on the inside ? She did not prescribe antibiotics as I have zero pain


the dentist should have given you these answers. you should be fine for a few weeks/mths without having to worry about an abscess, but getting it fixed would be advisible rinse with salt water in the meantime to hep fight bacteria

Diane A

YOu may never get a major infection, and even major ones start small so the odds of you waking up with sepsis or a brain (and the jaw is a long way from inside the brain) infection are zero. Antibiotics do not keep something from happening that hasn't occurred yet. Also look into low cost dental clinics/dental schools.


Good question for the dentist