How to lift weights with a bad wrist?

Hey guys do about three months ago I was in a kickboxing class and while doing some punching exercises with a heavy bag I messed up my wrist. I was hitting the bag too hard for a long time and the next day I instantly feel pain from my wrist. Ever since that day I stopped hitting the bag and even stopped lifting weights because of the pain it generates on my wrist. My only form of exercise is running and the insanity workout. Do you guys know any exercises I can do to promote muscle gain with a bad wrist. Like chest, back, tricep, bicep workouts. Thank you for time. Ps I’m going to the doctors to get it checked out

Pascal the Gambler

Try wrist wraps and seeing a doctor. No idea why you waited three months.


You probably need to let it heal.

k w

you don't, not til you are full healed, wait a day 24hrs, after you feel good......