I am 300 pounds I started dieting low carb 20 a day no more than 2000 calories I use to eat easily 400 to 5000 calories & 500 to 600 carbs?

I work retail so always walking & bending and it s been couple months why is my weight not going down


You must not be counting calories accurately. If you only eat 2000 Calories per day, you should be losing at least 5 lbs per week. Eat fat and protein and as few carbs as possible.


cutting carbs isn't gonna change anything here calories in calories out are all you need to watch out for. Though if you have an issue with overeating carbs then by all means avoid them though i would suggest fiber based carbs like fiberous veggies they are low carb and good filler for low calorie goals. The other thing to watch out for is liquid carbs its easy to miss exactly how much you drink in calories so i would look there. Also you might be shutting your metabolism down by cutting too many calories to fast. Since you dropped calorie intake by over 50% My advise here would be to use a TDEE calculator figure out exactly what the ballpark calorie requirements are for your height weight and sex. Then cut 500 calories off that number and make that your calorie goal it will keep you from feeling starved and miserable. Then as your weight loss slows down because your body is reaching homeostasis for that calorie goal you would recalculate your TDEE and then cut 500 Calories off that new calculation. This will result in about 1 pound a week and that might seem slow but unless you have an iron willpower its the safest option to prevent mentally breaking down and going on a food binge. also take a walk outside of work. Our bodies try and conserve energy and if it encounters something like a job it will quickly adapt to the requirements and become very efficient at that job and burn less energy doing it after a while So go for a walk and change the route up every so often or just park at the very back of the parking lot anytime you go to the store. The important thing here is be honest with yourself and if nothing still doesn't change then its time to go talk to a doctor and maybe a nutritionist


No idea. Maybe you should focus more on only eating enough to get vitamins needed and high energy. At that weight I wouldn't really eat much at all if I wasn't planning to work out A LOT. Although you're eating less, eating the amount of food a normal person eats is only going to make you maintain your normal weight.