Is this a good workout routine?

i created this weight training, the goal is to build strength, compound exercises 5x5 while everything else is 3x8-12 , i workout 6x a week and rest on sundays, i weigh around 138, 5 9 and started working out consistently since august 2018 monday/thursday flat bench 5x5 incline bench 5x5 push press 5x5 flat dumbell bench 3x8-12 incline dumbell bench 3x8-12 close dumbell bench 3x8-12 tricep extension 3x8-12 skull crushers 3x8-12 tuesday/friday deadlift 5x5 barbell row 5x5 pulldowns 3x8-12 hammer curls 3x8-12 cheat curls 3x8-12 preacher curls 3x8-12 reverse curls 3x8-12 wednesday/saturday back squat 5x5 front squat 5x5 barbell lunges 5x5 leg extension 3x8-12 leg curl 3x8-12 leg press 5x5

Questionable Sanity

An hour on the couch sitting up instead of laying down.