Today is The Super Bowl, and on Thursday, my Uncle comes in for his home visit. How can I control my eating for both occasions?

I weigh 317.6 pounds at 5 foot 11. I'm a 33 year old, male. And today I'm going to be around a lot of food because it's The Super Bowl. And I'm trying to lose weight. And I need to. I know that my weight affects my heart, and it's very important to get it off. Then my Uncle comes in on Thursday, and he comes from a nursing mental center, and he stays with me and my mom for 10-14 days and he gets an allowance when he comes of 250 dollars or more. So he uses that money to eat out and he makes me cook food for him, that he buys at the grocery store. He sends me to go and get his fast food and grocery food. So I will be around food all the time. And he eats 6 to 7 times a day. He weighs 195 pounds at 6 foot 2. So, he basically wait to get around us to do his heavy eating. He chooses to eat 1 meal a day at the nursing mental center. That's how he keeps his weight. How can I overcome this, and be able to lose weight? It's very important for me.


You have a mouth, keep it closed and refuse food. Simple, no one is forcing food into it.