Why humans cannot digest fibre , yet it is important in the diet . explain why .?



Fiber is the body's bottle brush. It helps keep your intestines clean. It slows your body's digestion process down so that you get more nutrients absorbed.


because it aids in digestion i noticed it made my poo more solid like logs and felt better and cleaner when it came out my rectal cavity

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Gordon B

while you don't digest fibre the bacteria in your intestines does digest it, it promotes a healthy bacterial population in your intestines. about 1.5 years ago i had chemo that had a side effect on my intestines with essentially ibs symptos, taking psylium husks for more fibre sorted it, recently had a course of antibiotics that returned me to the previous symptoms I am increasing my fibre again to resolve it.


It is important exactly just because we can't digest it. They absorb water from feces and therefore they help them get out of your bowels.


It helps keep you from getting constipated for one.

Pascal the Gambler

Their stomachs are not evolved to do so.