Doctor note, translation?

Got a Dr update for our baby through online portal, but of course no actual Dr call yet to translate to English. Anyone understand this? Cerebral parenchyma: Myelination is appropriate. No gliosis or hemosiderin deposition. No restricted diffusion or mass effect. Hippocampal formations are appropriate in size signal intensity and configuration. Extra-axial spaces: Prominent frontal and temporal extra-axial spaces likely benign enlargement of subarachnoid spaces. Ventricles: No hydrocephalus. Cavernoma septum pellucidum et vergae. Mass effect: No midline shift. Sella:Pituitary gland is grossly unremarkable. Basal cisterns and vascular flow voids: Patent Posterior fossa: Brainstem and cerebellum are unremarkable. Calvarium: No focus of abnormal signal intensity in the calvarium and scalp Visualized paranasal sinuses/mastoid: Clear Visualized orbits and visual pathway structures: Unremarkable IMPRESSION: Unremarkable MRI brain (epilepsy protocol) examination.


Everything is normal. That's what 'unremarkable' means in an MRI.


Nothing abnormal found. But only an idiot would trust the word of random online people. Dr's get the big bucks for good reason and only your doctor can provide any context for diagnostic notes.


The doctor goes through numbers of observations. Words like "no," "unremarkable," and "appropriate" is Good, so skip all sentences with those words. The ONLY question I'd ask is "likely benign enlargement." Will they redo and compare later? If NOT benign, would this be something slow growing? Other than that, they're saying it was all good.


I won't pretend to understand everything, but in general, if something is a concern, they call you right away, rather than let you find out on the web.

Diane A

I agree, all normal and age appropriate development as what is seen in the MRI.