Its not in the best interest of big pharma to cure people of their illness.?

Think of diabetes for example. If the companies that make diabetes medications actually reasearched a cure for diabetes, and sold it for lets say, 1000. Then they wouldnt have a lifelong customer to sell their monthly medication to. Same thing goes for cancer, and all the other "non curable diseases that plague us. Having said that, do you think its plausible that some big pharma companies release the cold and flu viruses om the public every year to make us sick to sell their meds and get a boost in profits? The cold and flu industry is worth $1.61 billion in revenue every year. And the flu seems to get worse every year.


That pretty much sums up big pharma. They focus on treatment meds not cures. It isn't like this is some hidden secret.


Yes it would be in their interest to not cure us, but I don't think an actual cure for cancer or diabetes etc could be kept secret for very long. Scientists are people and no way could something like that be kept hushed up for long. As to giving us all the cold, no.


No because they wouldn't get away with it. Outside of the United States other developed countries have a medical system that actually cares about people, and is not for profit. Don't think just because you live here that it's that way everywhere. So if there was a cure for cancer and diabetes, the other countries would be handing it out free of charge. How would they release viruses on the public? That's some conspiracy theory thing, and i don't like getting into things without evidence. Might as well ask if we're in the Matrix. Idk, maybe.. But I think it's obvious what the problem is. Our medical system is a business. And people without money can't afford it. It places money over human life. Hell, that scares me more than the virus theory. What if I get hurt? And I don't have alot of money, don't have insurance? I'm less important? Yes... I am. What the f*ck does that tell you about the greed of America?