Recently diagnosed with Chlamydia?

So long story short, I met someone towards the end of December and we hit it off well. One thing led to another and we had unprotected sex not too long after. Things were fine but a week and a half after I started spotting on and off. I’m thinking that maybe my period is coming soon so I pay no mind to it. We soon have sex again and I ended up bleeding a lot. Again, I’m not alarmed. My period comes a week later but even after I was waking up every morning bleeding. I’m telling my partner about it but he doesn’t believe that I’m telling the truth mind you he doesn’t have symptoms of anything. I went to the doctor and explained my situation. I haven’t hadn’t had sex 3 months prior to meeting this man and never had symptoms. She suspects I got an infection and sure enough I tested positive for Chlamydia. I was so angry and told my partner to get tested and he suspected that I got the infection first. He ended up telling me that during the same month before we met he was having unprotected sex with other girls but stopped once he met me. He has no symptoms so he has been blaming me and saying that I’ve been messing around when clearly I haven’t. I’m being treated and he’s going to go get tested as well and I’m so anxious because I have always been clean so I’m sure it came from him but at the same time I’ve heard stories where one partner has the infection and the other doesn’t. Is this true? I don’t want to be blamed for something I didn’t do

Lab Guy

I am always amazed at the lack of information out there with regards to STI's. Why do you think STI's are so common? Because people assume that if a person has an STI then they must exhibit symptoms and if they don't have symptoms then it is OK to have sex with them. STI's are common because some people as is the case with males who seldom have symptoms with regards to chlamydia can spread it around. Get it? Now you know why STI's are common.


It is more than likely the male has contracted it first. It would be odd timing if you had it and barely started showing symptoms right after getting a new partner. A lot of men don’t usually have symptoms. If you’ve been tested before and came back clean don’t worry you know your truth at the end of the day.

Jackie M

It could be either of you but if it was you then you could have got it a year ago but it can lie dormant for a while.

Max Hoopla

Thank you for sharing your story with us.