Still having irritation after taking metronidazole ciprofloxacin and Doxycycline Hyclate ? What does this mean ?


Country GIRL

Doxycycline, generic brand, is given to slow down the growth process of some types of bacteria or infections.Skin,STDs Ciprofolxacin generic brand is to help prevent bacteria infectins. Metronidazole ,this also treats infections,,, If this includes the basement (know what I mean) if so sounds like a yeast infection may be in progress if the ph is set off its likely for yeast to occur.however iam no doctor you should call your health care providerand get advice for this matter.

Diane A

Who knows? It means you need to talk to your doc, and it isnt an organism that responds to those antibiotics. Could be a contact allergy or something. The person who examines you and knows what is going on is the person to talk to you.


you need to ask your doctor this question or ask a pharnnacist