These invisible bugs that I cant see are ruining my life. They aren't day to day issues but most of my weekly nights are sleepless.?

I cant see them but I can definitely feel them. When they jump on me, when I run my hand across my skin and when I have my hands in my hair. I know its not lice, ive tried every lice product. Im so desperate to put an end to this one time I even tried bathing in bleach. I just hope someone can lead me in the right direction or someone who has experienced this as well.

Andy C

Hallucination is pretty common and does not absolutely mean schizophrenia. It is but ONE symptom. Do you get bites or other evidence of their existence? Might be no-see-ums.


You could have formulation, go to a doctor for advice

Pat Wooden

Have you inspected your bed for bedbugs? They are tiny, but can be seen if you know what to look for. Click on the link below for information on finding and treating them. If you don't find any bedbugs, it's possible you have a nerve disease whose symptoms feel like bugs crawling on you. See a doctor.